Michael Boise Thomas, Golden Man, has had many names and many lives.  The current version is his favorite.  A brief history and the vision for the Golden Man Movement can be read below.

Born: Thomas Michael Boise in Cortland, NY he grew up loving sports, the four seasons of the northeast and riding his bike.  Hired as a radio DJ by age 15, this led to his first career: sports broadcasting (doing play by play games of his high school) by age 16.  His nickname in high school was Noistwahdongus.  You can break it down if you want but I won’t go into it here.  Let’s just say He is very intuitive and can predict things well.

While attending college, he was called by his last name: Boise (pronounced Boy-zee) as people would always mispronounce his last name mistaking it for the capitol of the US state of Idaho.  Little do they know, they were still saying it wrong (Boy-see, Idaho).  There is no “Z” in Boise, as the song goes.  He was a sports producer at NBC-TV by age 20 and had achieved his dream.

It was in his early 20’s he wanted to see the world. His Father told him to see his own country first, so that is exactly what he did.  Seeing every state except North Dakota and Alaska traveling all over the USA and living two seasons in the Colorado Rockies as a radio DJ and skier/snowboarder, He moved to England.  Finally seeing the UK, Germany, Holland and Amsterdam.  It was outside a coffee shop where He caught an inspired vision: to move to Hollywood, become a Stand-Up comic, do TV Commercials and star in his own TV show.  It was fated to be… his postal code was “TN1 2LA” translating to “The Noist Won, to LA!” and he was headed to Los Angeles.

Shortly after arriving in Southern California, living on the beach and enjoying everything the fun and sun of this place had to offer, He would legally change his name for acting to Boise E. Thomas (E. for Everett-an homage to his father’s name).  He began to meditate daily and within months, he booked over a dozen TV commercials.  He was offered a spiritual name from his meditation Guru and would incur one of his first of two ‘walk-in’ experiences.  Prem (Love) Jagran (Awakening, pronounced Jah-ghran) was given by his Meditation teacher, Osho.  He would live several months in India on the Ashram before returning to his career as an actor in Los Angeles.  This began life #3.

As Prem Jagran Boise Everett Thomas Michael Boise… he spent 10 years with his former Wife leading transformational programs for a global educational company called Landmark, taught actors and continued booking TV commercials then finally working on his first series as a host/personality  in 2008.

On May 17th, 2012 Jagran Boise Thomas experienced his final walk-in experience.  It was then that his original middle name would become his first name and his first stay his last. Whew!  Confused?  Try living 4 lives in the span of half a lifetime, right?

Michael Boise Thomas’ history of broadcasting, training and educating people has led him to this final life and his true calling: the Golden Man Movement.  As an Outlier, He has been called a “Perfect Storm” of Man to be leading this Movement and is grateful to be the one.  The mission is quite simple: restore the broken link in the chain that bonds men and women.  It is not self-invented, it was appointed in what He calls a ‘spiritual transmission.’  The conversations he is leading are for men (and women) committed to deepening their love for women and for women who want to better understand men.  The Golden Man Movement is here and Michael is your guide as we all come together in love and relationship: man and woman together, again.

Thank you for reading the StayGoldenMan.com blog and for continuing to support the many faces of Thomas Michael Boise Everett Thomas “Prem Jagran” Michael Boise Thomas… Stay Golden, Man.


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