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When you got so much to say it’s called ‘Gratitude’ and that’s right.

Morality: Welcome to prison, enjoy your stay.

morality, noun 1 the morality of nuclear weapons ethics, rights and wrongs, ethicality. 2 a sharp decline in morality virtue, goodness, good behavior, righteousness, rectitude, uprightness; morals, principles, honesty, integrity, propriety, honor, justice, decency; ethics, standards/principles of behavior, mores, standards. See note at goodness . Sounds like ZERO fun to me! And I don’t like that … Continue reading

Maturity of a Man

While the sun doesn’t know seasons… it just blazes and burns, we here on Earth count on the seasons.  Not just for our food and water, but for the moments of reflection, where we get to check in and chart our progress, take inventory and stock in our lives.  I was looking at the calendar … Continue reading

Walk-In: A movie to help you understand more

Walk-In. And… For those of you who think me crazy… I may still be. But now I have a film (and another book) to further illustrate what happened to me on May 20th, 2011. Please take a look at the trailer and welcome others who arrive here.  You’re not from here either, you have just … Continue reading

The Redemption of Brian Banks: A Golden Man

Rick Reilly: The Redemption of Brian Banks – ESPN. Rick, You have been inspiring me to be a writer and broadcaster my whole life.  I used to read Sports Illustrated cover to cover on Thursday nights growing up.  Today, you wrote an article about a man I will never forget.  Thank you.  I am posting … Continue reading


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